The Magic Carpet Ride

Remember Aladdin’s flying carpet? Always wonder to had that “Magic Carpet Ride”. But unfortunately, did not have the Ginnie by my side. Always had the dream to be a character of Arabian Nights fantasy story life and enjoy all the magic life. In middle of the sand mountains flying on a Magic Carpet with full speed. A carpet which can beat anything. A carpet which makes you reach anywhere in just a minute or two. A carpet which is stylish too. A carpet which is light but can hold thrice its weight. It seems to be impossible but the McLaren have found a way to fulfil the fantasy. 

McLaren has trifling dealership around the globe but they are worth it. whatever they make, they make a masterpiece. Mclaren doesn’t want you to be on the ground, they want you to fly. The unleash beast power they gave you will leave you in splits. The heart starts pumping out loud, feet feels if they are in the sky running bare footed. Body feels like overwhelmed, brain release so much adrenaline but feels good. McLaren this year shows off its new “Magic Carpet: McLaren 720s”.


The 720S also sports a new generation of McLaren’s active chassis system, Proactive Chassis Control II. The previous system relied on driver input to trigger suspension adjustments, however, Proactive Chassis Control II goes further by also using a set of algorithms to adapt to undulations in the road and changes in ambient temperature. The result is a novel drive mode called ‘Magic Carpet Ride.’

The reason ambient temperature is monitored is because it can affect the speed at which the oil in the Chassis Control system flows through pipes. McLaren has also placed accelerometers on each wheel of the 720S, so the algorithm, which was developed at Cambridge University over a period of six years, processes the data and determines where to send the fluid. This, in turn, means the 720S decides on the fly if it should load up the system one side or one corner, or the front or back.

To ensure the 720S remains firmly planted on the road, even at speeds approaching 200mph, McLaren has created its highest-ever levels of aerodynamic downforce in a Super Series car by channelling air through layered body panels.

If, however, you are in a mood to forgo maintaining grip, the 720S has a new Variable Drift Control. In this mode, the driver can use the touchscreen to choose exactly how much drift to enable from the traction control system. The stability systems remain on, though, which makes such schoolboy hooning much safer. Drivers can even save favourite settings, for example, Silverstone Wet, Donnington Dry.

The interior continues the luxurious design theme established in the 570GT, and thanks to that Monocage II construction, jet-fighter style all-glass canopy, and attention to detail such as having the C-pillars glazed and solid aluminium machined vents, the sense of space and comfort inside is not one usually experienced in a supercar.


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